Star Wars Ships and Vehicles


A Mandalorian company, MandalMotors has produced many types of combat vessels and transports over the centuries.

Pursuer Enforcement Ship

The Pursuer is a police vessel, used to keep the ships of outlaws and other questionable individuals from landing on or escaping planets. The ion cannon mounted on Pursuers allows hostile ships to be investigated or criminals within such ships to be arrested without the risk of destruction of the target.

(Source: Dark Empire Sourcebook)

Name: MandalMotors Pursuer Enforcement Ship
Type: Starfighter
Length: 30.1 meters
  WEG Hyperdrive: x1
  WEG Sublight: 7
  LucasArts Sublight: N/A
  ILM Sublight: N/A
  1 Blaster Cannon
  1 Ion Cannon

Slave II

Source: Dark Empire


The Starviper is a capable and powerful fighter. The odd design includes armor panels that fold up from behind to protect the cockpit and allow for better maneuverability in combat.

The statistics listed here are derived from those of the Virago.

(Source: Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels)

Name: MandalMotors Starviper
Type: Starfighter
Length: N/A
  WEG Hyperdrive: none?
  WEG Sublight: <11
  LucasArts Sublight: N/A
  ILM Sublight: N/A
  >2 Double Laser Cannons
  (2 Laser Cannons?)
  2 Proton Torpedo Launchers (3/ea)


Source: Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels