Star Wars Ships and Vehicles

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The following notes explain the methodology this site uses. It is necessary to read this in order to understand the rest of the site, and certainly before emailing me.


Each ship is listed with its "common" name for easy identification. This common name is generally just a nickname; the "real name" (such as the name originally given to the ship by its manufacturer or government of origin) is a component of the "Name:" field in the statistics.

The ship descriptions do not contain all known information about a particular craft; instead, they are meant to briefly explain the design and purpose of a given vessel. Any inconsistencies or other odd information relating to the ship is in green. For further details, a book/game that includes the ship is listed, along with (in some entries) links to other Web pages.

Entries have images included wherever possible, in the event that a reader is unfamiliar with what a particular ship looks like. These images were scanned/digitized exclusively for this page.


The statistics for each vessel contain only the most commonly-requested information.

The following classifications can be found in the "Type:" field:

  • Starfighter: A small, fast one- or two-person attack craft
  • Transport: Any unarmed and usually civilian ship used to transport goods and materials
  • Corvette: A small, lightly-armed, fairly fast warship, usually used for escort purposes
  • Gunship: Similar to a corvette, but slower and with more weapons
  • Frigate: A warship larger and more well-armed than a corvette, but still relatively small
  • Destroyer: A medium-size, well-armed vessel, used to protect or attack other ships
  • Cruiser: A large, heavily armed warship, used to attack other large ships or stationary targets
  • Battlecruiser: A larger and more heavily armed warship than a cruiser
  • Battleship: Similar in size to a battlecruiser, but slower and with better armor
  • Command Ship: Used for command purposes, usually similar to but with fewer weapons than a battleship
  • Carrier: A warship used to carry smaller assault craft

The warship designations are usually assigned according to how large a ship is, and what organization uses it. Vessels used by the Empire tend to be larger than those of the Alliance/New Republic, and so the baseline size for a classification is adjusted accordingly. Also, many minor corporations tend to produce small ships, so that their "cruisers," for example, are only frigate-sized. This is corrected in the "Type:" field.

The "Speed" fields vary according to what sources a ship has appeared in:

  • WEG speeds are from the West End Games RPGs
  • Ships from games have LucasArts speeds
  • Some of the smaller craft from the films were given speeds by ILM; thus the "ILM Sublight" for those ships

The term "speed" here is actually a misnomer, since acceleration, not speed, is the limited factor in space travel.

Many different types of weapons have been named (especially in the RPGs); I have simplified those ("double heavy turbolaser cannon" becomes "turbolaser cannon," and so on).


The only true canonical sources for Star Wars are the original movies and derivatives (such as the radio plays and novelizations of the films). Everything else is "official"; although those such products are authorized to be sold as a Star Wars product, the "canon" sources take precedence over them in the event of a conflict. For example, nearly all recent licensed books give the length of the Executor as 8000 meters, although the ship is clearly ~11 times the size of the destroyers we see in the films, making the Executor ~17,600 meters.

Occasionally, an "official" source will conflict with another "official" source; in this case, I generally assume the source in which the ship originally appeared is correct. This is a prominent issue with the WEG book Cracken's Threat Dossier, in which the illustrations and statistics for most ships do not match information from the novels the ships originated in, or other established information:

  • Many REC-produced warships are known to be similar or identical in design, but the pictures of the ships are all entirely different.
  • The Bakuran destroyers are given lengths greater than the Bakuran cruisers, yet the Corellian trilogy implies that the opposite is true.
  • The Rendili-built Republic-class destroyer doesn't have any design features common on Rendili ships.

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