Note from the author: I first created these pages almost ten years ago as a place to collect basic information on all the various ships, fighters, and other craft in the Star Wars universe. I stopped updating it in 2000, but as of 2006 people are still using it as a reference. While I won't have the opportunity to update it further, I can't say I'm disappointed that the work that went into it is still considered valuable! That said, the kind folks of Star Wars Combine have offered to host the site so that it can be available to Star Wars enthusiasts. Enjoy!

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles

On this site, I have listed many of the ships of the Star Wars universe (from the films, novels, comics, and games), with basic information on each one. Please read the Site Information if you haven't already.

The ships on this site are categorized according to their manufacturer:

Special thanks to Jeremy Helper, who provided LucasArts speed ratings for a number of ships, and Robert Brown, for several images.

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